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  • I often think that every other business owner may well be having a far easier time than me. The grass does always seem greener. Critical to knowing that you are on the right path (in the face of whatever drama may have occurred today) is the process of reporting and review (have I lost you?)… and in so doing, take the time to celebrate.

    I want to be a best employer. I have been intentional about this since 2006. However this is a long road, with many twists and turns… so I need to regularly review my actions, *(and the leaders around me) and confirm that the actions are delivering outcomes.

    Anywhere we spend time, energy (and money) on growing our business it is equally important that we stop and review. No business, (or program) is set and forget.

    One of the critical elements to a thriving workplace is recognition. A recognition program is designed to deliver commercial outcomes — so it is essential to make sure that the program has a set of success metrics. Now, I know that great workplaces take years of dedication, intention and energy — but the check in points need to demonstrate that business is moving in the right direction.

    We, and our clients of, have been using eNPS as a simple yet effective tool to know whether we are moving the dial on employee engagement.

    eNPS is asking each employee ‘Would you recommend (the employer) to people you know as a great place to work?’. 

    Horticulture Innovation Australia have put together a simple scorecard (infographic) to show how recognition has moved for them year on year. The infographic shows not just eNPS, but a massive uplift in feeling connected to the business drivers and its innovation program. And most importantly, the team members now not only know what the values are, they have shared values with their colleagues and this is driving connection. 

    When people feel a part of a team and are connected, they are much better able to do their best work, be proud of what they do, give their discretionary effort and they stay with the company longer. All of which delivers real commercial outcomes for the business.

    All of us want to know that what we do has worth. I think one of the most delightful things with the work that we do at is seeing how we help other business owners engage their teams, thrive, and as you see in this infographic allow team members to believe in the vision, leadership and future of their company. This, is a powerful driver for success.

    Congratulations to Horticulture Innovation - the leadership, intention and commitment to recognition is paying dividends. And thank you for choosing, one by one we are really doing our bit to help business owners create thriving teams.

    Originally published on Linkedin Pulse.

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