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  • There are many reasons why our members buy a .CEO domain, from personal branding to joining the world’s largest community of CEOs. But what does buying a .CEO domain really do – what value does it bring to you and your brand?

    Simple – your domain is as valuable as you make it. We have thousands of .CEO members, and they are using their domains to drive their online presence, reach out to fellow executives, and evolve their business.To give you some ideas of what you can do with your .CEO domain, we’ve gathered together a list of fifteen things to do with one.

    1. .CEO Identity Pages – your professional digital image

    Filling out your .CEO profile is the first step to claiming your .CEO domain. Whether you redirect your domain to a personal website or use your .CEO profile page as your main landing pad, a thoroughly completed .CEO profile page is the first step.

    Start with a striking, high resolution picture of yourself. Your profile page should tell the world who you are and what you bring to the table, so make sure to connect other accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter to your profile page. You can enrich your profile with your own content,  like full-screen videos, your recent blog posts, and news articles featuring you and your business.

    2. Local, industry, and global communities

    Did you know that .CEO domain owners can take part in the exclusive local .CEO communities? Comprised of other business leaders, .CEO communities offer a great way to connect with other CEOs in your area, industry, and worldwide.

    .CEO communities allow members an exclusive way to meet and interact, to share content and perspectives, and bring new and interesting ideas to the table. Best of all, .CEO community members are able to form their own .CEO communities, which means networking possibilities are endless. Explore the communities you can join now at communities.ceo.

    3. Boost your online influence

    Joining the world’s largest organization of CEOs comes with the opportunity to boost your social influence. Ann Charles, BRANDfog Founder & CEO says “CEOs and senior executives alike are expected to have an active social presence,” and that “brand image, brand trust, and a company’s long term success depend on it.” With a .CEO membership, you’re joining the world’s largest community of CEOs and getting access to one of the most exclusive audiences out there.

    At .CEO, we’re committed to sharing the work and success of our members. That’s why .CEO members can submit their work to be featured on any number of .CEO blogs, like story.CEO and women.CEO. And with built-in Kred tracking, staying aware of your social impact is easier than ever.

    4. Create and share meaningful content

    As a CEO, you’re not just an expert in your industry – you’re an expert in business, too. The world is exploding with groundbreaking products, services, and practices, which is why your distinct perspective is so valuable. On .CEO, you have the opportunity to share out your work, blogs, and opinions to the most exclusive group of thought leaders and influencers in business.

    When you publish your work on .CEO, you also have the opportunity to have it shared out on the .CEO network of social media. Watch your online presence grow as your content is shared across influential platforms.  

    5. Subscribe to relevant and exclusive content

    You didn’t get to be the CEO of your company by having a lot of free time spent surfing the Internet for interesting articles. Nor was it because you stayed disengaged from the world around you.

    With your .CEO membership, you have access to exclusive and curated content written for CEOs, by CEOs. Now you’re able to find the articles that interest you in one place, and drive your own content to an influential audience.

    6. Send and receive endorsement with your valued work

    In the .CEO community, joining the ever-expanding global network of CEOs has never been easier. That’s why every .CEO member has the ability to share what they’re working on and give endorsements to others for their innovative work.

    With the power of the exclusive .CEO community behind it, the endorsements you give and receive hold even more weight. Share your work with peers in your geo, industry, or interests and receive valuable comments and endorsements on that work. By joining .CEO, you increase your visibility for potential business opportunities.

    7. Create a hub for your online presence

    Off the top of your head, how many public Internet accounts do you have? Between your email addresses and social media networks, you have at least ten, if not more. While some accounts like LinkedIn allow you to display additional contact information like a Twitter handle, these social media networks are much more interested in keeping you on their platform, not sharing out the other ways you’re active on the web.

    Your .CEO profile can serve as a hub for your entire online presence. Connect the social media accounts that you would like to share out, share your recent videos and interviews, and keep a running stream of your blog articles and news coverage. Your .CEO domain and profile are yours – which means that only the content you select gets shared out on it.

    8. Control your CEO business conversation with a one branded .CEO address

    It can be difficult to keep track of your different conversational threads when they’re spread out between all the different email addresses, websites, and social media networks. And many CEOs face the added difficulty of representing their business in every interaction they make – people often first hear of you as being the CEO of ACME, which is how your Internet assets are treated. That’s why having a personal, branded .CEO address can be so helpful.

    With a .CEO profile and domain, you can control your CEO and leadership conversations in one place, and have conversations outside of your company.

    9. Your online brand – optimized for SEO

    Controlling your online brand can be a massive undertaking, but with a .CEO domain, the inherent SEO value in YourName.ceo can’t be beat.

    With a .CEO domain, it’s easy to distinguish yourself from other people in a world of similar names. Viewers will no longer have to search through multiple social media profiles to find you.

    Best of all, with a .CEO domain, the meaning and value of your domain is instantly communicated. Your name will stand out from the crowd and claim the authority your web presence deserves.

    10. The easiest domain to share

    Finding a .com domain that communicates value and is easy to remember is now nearly impossible – that’s why using a .CEO domain is such a great idea.

    Not only does it communicate your brand powerfully, but it's a memorable address for your network. What’s easier to remember than YourName.CEO?

    How are you using your .CEO domain? With so many powerful ways to connect, explore, and share, your personal .CEO site and profile page can become the most powerful tool in networking arsenal.

    Discover what's happening in your networks at communities.ceo. And, if you haven't already joined .CEO, you can become a member at claim.ceo.

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