Build Client Engagement with Blogs and Newsletters

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  • Build Client Engagement with Blogs and Newsletters

    Newsletters and blogs are essential forms of communication with your clients and customers. Businesses operate with the assumption that those who buy from you or contract your services are busy people. Many organizations are competing for people’s attention. The New York Times, for example, has been providing a daily newsletter for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

    In addition to the challenge of digital competition, we need to realize that life abounds with distractions. With the constant news of crises, you have to make more effort than ever before to remind people of your existence. At the same time, you need to do so in a way that’s neither intrusive nor annoying.

    Op-in newsletters and blogs present an elegant and—if you produce them well—engaging way to capture and retain your readers’ interests. The New York Times newsletter mentioned above has an entertaining mix of brief news summaries and links to essays, entertainment reviews, and recipes in the newspaper. is another model for entertaining blog posts. 


    The Difference Between

    Newsletters and Blogs

    To be relevant, you need to post on your blog one to seven times a week. Whatever frequency you choose, be as consistent as possible.

    Blog posts traditionally run 300 to 500 words in length. They can address issues related thave a series of links to relevant articles, combined with your comments. Overall, they will provide bite-sized chunks of information.

    A newsletter may be published once a week or once a month. Again, be consistent. Also, see what frequency works best. You can often determine this by checking the unsubscribe rate immediately after you’ve sent out a newsletter. A high rate may reflect a “Oh, no , not again” reaction.

    A newsletter provides information in a more leisurely way. Here, you can provide a more extensive look at industry or consumer issues. You can interview an influencer or publish guest articles. In-depth looks at new products you’re developing can be featured here. You can profile an employee who has made significant contributions to your business.

    Both your newsletters and your blogs should always provide links to your web site.

     How to Drive Readers to Both

    Forms of Publication

    Newsletters and blog posts can be interactive. Strive for engagement with blog posts or a longer article in your newsletter. A newsletter can highlight recent blog posts.

    Another way to generate client/customer interest is to invite comments. Make this invitation in a way that shows you genuinely care about the readers’ opinions. Reinforce this by answering those who respond and (with permission) quoting responses.

    With care and commitment, you can turn your newsletter and blog into a voice that authentically represents your appreciation of the people who make your business thrive.

    Pat Iyer began writing newsletters In the 1990s and blogs In 2009. She has written thousands of blog posts by now. Businesspeople hire Pat as an editor. Reach her at Pat was one of the original 100 C Suite Network Contributors.

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