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  • The .CEO Registry is excited to release the third and most exciting arm of its CEO domain platform, the Network.

    As of today, Members and .CEO Domain owners of the .CEO Registry will have access to one of the most exclusive live social networks on the web. These first three geo-based streams based in New York, Sydney and San Francisco will allow seasoned CEOs and budding Entrepreneurs to network with their peers in specially moderated streams.


    After requesting access to a Network and being accepted by the assigned VIP moderator, members will have the ability to:

    1. Share videos, imagery and textual content

    2. Like, share and comment on other member's posts

    3. Build relationships with peers in their area

    4. Find and deliver professional and personal insights and opportunities

    All current .CEO Streams are open to the public for viewing, allowing anyone to login and observe the conversations, however only members of the .CEO Registry will be able to share content.

    Over the coming weeks there are set to be a further 10 .CEO Streams being released based on both geographical and interest targeted communities. This includes streams for professional thought leaders, start-ups, women and marketers.

    Over the following months the .CEO Registry will be rolling out numerous updates to its new social network platform, principally the ability for .CEO Registry Members and Partners to create their own customised Streams and start their own conversations.


    So if you're ready to start networking with your peers in these three new .CEO Streams, simply click on the city of your choice listed below and login in using your social or email account.

    1. Net.NewYork.CEO

    2. Net.Sydney.CEO

    3. Net.SanFrancisco.CEO

    Get Ready to Join the conversation.

  • Eliot Cunningham
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