How to Swim with The Sharks

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  • There are thousands of businesses out there, but how does one get their big break?

    Entrepreneurs face a number of obstacles starting their own businesses, including having the right amount of capital. However, sometimes knowing the right people or striking the right deal can catapult you to success.

    My guest on All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett sees entrepreneurs looking to start their own business more often than most investors. Daymond John is one of the ‘sharks’ on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, founder of FUBU, and Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship. Daymond told me the story about how he turned a $40 budget into a $6 billion brand.

    He also told me about the journey that led him to meet a number of interesting people that, in turn, brought him a large following of notables in the world of business and pop culture. He says that meeting a wide variety of people is what makes it all exciting for him.

    To Daymond, people are the most important part of the show and selling a business. Having someone that has a fantastic idea for a business, but can’t execute a sale or isn’t relatable is not someone the ‘sharks’ want to work with. Daymond also shares his business advice -- from when things are not looking so good, to when you are sitting in a boardroom. 

    The life and schedule of a business celebrity is pretty hectic and Daymond is not exception. He shares what is most important to him including the deals he makes and trusting others.

    Daymond John has a proven track of success where others have failed and his new book, The Power of Broke, illustrates the journey that got him to where he is today.

    If you want to hear more about Daymond’s journey to the top, how he became a shark in the boardroom and a famous investor, tune into All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett to listen to the entire interview. Find the episode on iTunes or listen here. (episode #60) 

    Originally published on Linkedin Pulse

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