There Is NO Burnout

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    Originally posted on Linkedin Pulse 

    1. False Reality: Overwhelm

    We start seeing too many moving pieces. We started seeing there are so many items that we have to work on.

    Do we? Or do we create that reality?

    There are too many moving pieces because someone told us that its an absolute must. Because it worked for them. Because of course we must do this now.

    Its a false reality. It doesn't have to be done now. Most urgent things are made up in our head. Someone tells us something and we feel we have a limited window of opportunity.

    You know the famous term, first movers advantage. That was true at some point. Now it's the "Best Move Advantage".

    Apple wasn't the first smart phone company. I wasn't the first person to start a training academy. Under Armor is not the first sportswear company.

    But we have the best move. The best play. Just one play. Not distracted by the million ideas overwhelming us. Just one play. A damn good one.

    2. False Reality: Stretched

    I have so many items on my plate. How can I possibly get all of it done?

    Really. Mark Cuban has a gazillion businesses he has invested in or started. He has same number of hours. So do I. I have 7 companies.

    Why are we different? We are not. We just have a different world view. Remember that famous story about sharpening your axe before chopping a tree.

    That's our difference. I sharpen my axe. Me and Mark both read a lot of books. So when we go to work (or chop our tree), we take 1/5th the time.

    Are you stretched? Or have you just not taken the time to find the strategy to do it better?

    So are you really stretched :)? I know. No need to slap your head on the obvious :p.

    3. False Reality: Reaching Ultimate

    You know why most people feel burned out? They lose vision.

    You see burn out happens because of above two reasons and when you are not excited about what's happening in life. When it's boring. Then it's boring.
    Boring leads to burn out.

    When you set a goal that is a bit scary - a goal that is bloody exciting. You find the fire. Fire to go get it. Fire to find new purpose. Fire to go get them ;).

    The challenge, drive, vision of the future drives your present.

    You can't even think of a burn out then.

    Amazing, right?

  • Ajit Nawalkha
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