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  • This article has to do with Math and Money … wait wait wait, don’t flee the scene!

    That used to be my attitude, too. In fact, if you are anything like me you may have even struggled terribly through math, dreading every moment of it. And if you were brought up in an environment of scarcity around money or even shame, then you may find yourself up against some serious money blocks.

    These money blocks can do a number on us (no pun intended), standing in the way of us taking control of our financial lives. 

    Money blocks = an unhealthy relationship with money

    Fortunately, I overcame my money blocks, but not without help. During my third year of high school, I was still terrible at math and dealing with a mentality of scarcity. My soccer coach, who also happened to be my algebra teacher, was a guiding influence that hopefully we all have at least one of in our lives. Suddenly, everything clicked, and once that light bulb went on, it was like I could see how it all connected. I started getting really good at the math thing and the unimaginable happened, I began to like numbers AND math. And that was a miracle all on its own. 

    Fast-forward a few years and I was running my own business and having some success, my nickname became the “Spreadsheet Queen”. Yet, I found that I still had some serious emotional blocks around money. Back then, there was a constant little voice in the back of my head that was always undermining me, always afraid of running out of money or of not having enough money. This scarcity mentality haunted me and it seemed I couldn’t shake it. I didn’t fight the voice, it is an ancient voice of wisdom there to protect us, but it wasn’t serving me AND in fact it was getting in my way.

    So I began to do something about it. 

    My strategy?: money dates! I started creating weekly Friday money dates with myself to review my metrics – both business and personal. I reviewed my money and my progress. The result?: I felt more empowered after these dates (and how often is that the case on a date?).

    Money dates = a process to create a healthier relationship with money by taking intentional time to invest in it

    We all know how important it is to work on our relationships with family, loved ones, and friends. But for some reason nobody teaches us how to create and maintain a relationship with money. A money date is simply building a healthy relationship with money by setting aside time to invest in that relationship. Like anything, if you invest the time and invest wisely, good results will follow.

    And the time, of course, is now! So without further adieu: 

    4 Steps for the Perfect Money Date

    1.IDENTIFY What in Your Relationship Needs Improvement - Do you need to spend more time giving or asking for help more often? Do you need to understand the money language, for example the meaning of burn rate and attrition? It’s time to identify exactly what is lacking in your money relationship?

    2. PLAN a Creative and Uplifting Experience with Your Money - Get intimate, go deep! Move out of your comfort zone and focus on where you need the most work in this relationship. Only from there can you stretch and widen your comfort zone and strengthen your money relationship.

    3. PREPARE for Your Money Date - Get dressed up, set the mood, set the intention like you would for any other hot date. Focus on what you need out of the relationship and target that once you’re on your date.

    4. JUST DO IT (Sorry Nike) - Go all in, face the hard stuff you’ve been avoiding, be open and vulnerable with yourself and with your money. Willingness to share vulnerability is a cornerstone of successful relationships with your loved ones; it is no different with your money.

     When your relationship with money grows stronger, when you are open to unlimited abundance and giving and receiving in a healthy balance - the flow of money will come your way. If you invest the time in this relationship with money, you will reap the returns. You deserve it … and once you become a force of nature and create real change for good, those around you will benefit as well.

    So, my question to you is…when will you take yourself on a money date? AND what are you going to do on that money date? Let me know here.

    Originally published on Linkedin Pulse

  • Jennifer Love
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