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About : John Eades

Jul 8, 2017 7:27:20 AM

What the Highest Rated CEO in 2017 Can Teach You About Leadership

Everybody loves a top 100 list. It could be the best dog breeds, best cities to live in, or in this case, the highest rated CEOs. I love Glassdoor's annual list of the top 100 highest rated CEOs because it's based on how the employees of major corporations value their most senior leader.

May 13, 2017 11:01:26 AM

7 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from a Super Successful CEO

In many ways, the current beliefs and thinking around leadership are amazing compared to the leadership beliefs of prior generations. No longer does it feel like leaders have to rule with an iron fist, not care about their people, or be afraid to show vulnerability in front of those people.

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